Midwest Service Supply

Midwest Service and Supply

Our mission is to provide retailers a manageable way to recover losses from returns

Logistics and Parcel Returns

 The wonderful thing about our business model is the mere fact that we can provide transportation services within a day or two anywhere in the country.

Who is Midwest

Midwest is one of the most diversified reverse logistics service providers in the industry.
Midwest services the consumer retail sector on their end of life cycle products and helps dispose such products in a cost-effective manner while maximizing the recovery value, ultimately providing bottom-line results.


"Over 30 years we’ve used different distribution services, and I’ve had nothing but difficulty. Service not on time, then being hounded to buy more. Just never satisfied. Now, after discovering Midwest, they’ve blown every other service out of the water. This is the one I’m sticking with."
David Long, V.P
Specialty Product Engineer
"As a large retailer we has been working with Midwest for 4+ years. They have been very responsive to help us improve all of our deliveries and product lines. We are seeing better results on a daily basis."
V.P of Sales, Big Box Retailer
"I do a lot of business with companies in the US (I am based in Tokyo), but this is the FIRST time that any service provider has actually called me overseas. They were friendly, efficient, and personal. This, as much as the quality of their products, is the reason I have decided to do business with them going forward."
Dave Russell
Managing Director, Shipping Int'l