Midwest Service Supply


Our Company

Midwest is one of the most diversified reverse logistics service providers in the industry. With over 40 years of business experience in returns management, supply chain consulting, value-add processing, and multi-channel liquidations, we fully understand the intricacies of managing product returns, discontinued, and excess and obsolete assets. Midwest services the consumer retail sector on their end of life cycle products and helps dispose such products in a cost-effective manner while maximizing the recovery value, ultimately providing bottom-line results. Our business strategy is to be service oriented to the specific needs of our customers and our experience and results in the industry proves our capabilities. With office headquarters in Fort Wayne Indiana, we have the infrastructure and footprint to serve customers on a national level.

Our mission is to provide retailers a manageable way to recover losses from returns.

Our Mission

Since 1987, we have focused intently on service and change. We attribute our success to our ability to provide unsurpassed customer service and leverage creative tactics, while applying analytical and innovative approaches to achieve outside-the-box solutions. We have held multi-million dollar contracts with some of the nation’s largest retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers and that is because of our ability to demonstrate and deliver at the highest level of quality and integrity. This is why Midwest Service and Supply Inc. has been the number one choice for reverse logistics and distribution business since our humble beginnings.

However the human element to our business cannot be overstated. We believe we have risen to this stature because we take great pride in building relationships and providing outstanding service, not just making one-time deals. This is why our employees are well trained, highly valued, and central to this process. We must get to know our customer fully to allow us to fully serve them by developing and executing on a custom solution. Every customer, every time. Which is why we always start with the question, what can we do for you?

Midwest Service & Supply is strategically placed in northeast Indiana.

Our Logistics

Midwest Service & Supply is strategically placed in northeast Indiana. The wonderful thing about our business model is the mere fact that we can provide transportation services within a day or two anywhere in the country. Our transportation department is seamless, reliable, and always on time. We can move any type of cargo and ensure it ends up in the proper location as per federal transportation guidelines. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that product moves from your DC as quickly as possible so you can continue to focus on your core business. Contact us for details.