Midwest Service Supply

Reverse Supply Chain

Your company probably spends a lot of time and money fine-tuning its supply chain. Soon you may need to give just as much thought to your reverse supply chain. What is a reverse supply chain you may ask? It’s the series of activities required to retrieve a product from a customer and either dispose of it or reuse it. Reverse supply chain services are gaining more traction than ever as everyone is looking to reduce costs, dispose products in a sustainable manner, and repurpose the disposition of one’s product through a non-conventional approach. 

Midwest Service & Supply is here to help you with the growing question of “what is the best way to manage my returns program.” Since 1987, we have been servicing retailers with their reverse supply chain needs. As decades have evolved, the needs continue to change so Midwest continues to invest in technology, infrastructure and automation to help you reduce your operating costs, ultimately providing bottom line results. Our services range from warehousing, remarketing, parcel receiving, logistics and overall returns management.