Midwest Service Supply

Sales Parcel Returns

With e-commerce sales continued growth in the past decade, we are cognizant that parcel returns are becoming an increasingly common challenge for brands and third party fulfillment centers. In addition to our regular RL services, we offer parcel receipt services.
Benefits include:

  • Greater convenience in processing returns
  • Faster order fulfillment and delivery
  • No labor or warehouse distribution center space required
  • Decreased transportation costs due to our centrally located facility in the Midwest

Young shoppers and cross-border commerce drive re-commerce success

Millennials and Generation Z thrive on trends that allow them greater creativity and value. Re-commerce offers everything they love and more. Any stigma once attached to the thrift market has been greatly reduced for these demographics.

China’s re-commerce market generates $60 billion alone. Retail leaders in any industry can benefit from a closer look at China’s experience with this increasingly popular approach to sales, sustainability and status at a bargain price.  

The re-commerce trend is just getting started. Retailers of all kinds can expand their original business model to satisfy this rapidly growing market. The main things to keep in mind apply to any solid retail strategy: smart pricing models, quality goods and digital engagement. Cues from the success of re-commerce can influence growth for any retail leader who’s willing to listen.